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1. Veterans are entrepreneurial.

  • They are twice as likely to pursue business ownership as non-vets and have a higher rate of success.
  • Real estate is, at its core, an entrepreneurial venture. Successful real estate agents are able to think like entrepreneurs.

2. Veterans are comfortable in dynamic, evolving environments.

  • Research shows that military experience is positively correlated with the ability to accurately evaluate a complex decision environment and take decisive action.
  • Real estate is a fast-moving environment with many moving parts. Identifying the important information and acting on it is a key skill successful agents have.

3. Veterans are adept at transferring skills across contexts and task

  • Most military training includes contingency and scenario-based learning, allowing veterans to learn how to adapt their skills across varied situations.
  • Real estate requires flexible thinkers who can adapt their skills to a variety of situations.

4. Veterans exhibit advanced team-building skills.

  • Veterans have been shown to be more adept than non-veterans at organizing and defining team goals, defining team member roles and responsibilities, and developing a plan of action.
  • Real estate is a highly collaborative industry, not only among members of a real estate team, but between mortgage brokers, inspectors, buyers, sellers, and many other stakeholders. The ability to balance all of these personalities, motivations, and agendas is a powerful skill.

5. Veterans have—and leverage—advanced technical training.

  • Veterans are, on average, exposed to highly advanced technology and related training at a higher rate than non-military peers. This has been shown to allow veterans to better leverage technology as a solution to organizational challenges.
  • Real estate is becoming more technologically focused every day. Paperless transactions, multiple listing services, and email marketing all require a savvy technological mind.

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