Dianna Kokoszka


As chief executive officer of KW MAPS (Mega Achievement Productivity Systems), Dianna Kokoszka’s got the power. Responsible for providing unbeatable training material and building the most powerful coaching program in the industry takes passion with purpose – and this petite package packs both!

Born and raised in Utah, Dianna started working at age 5. She helped her parents run their grocery store from that point until the day they sold it, after which, her father worked for the American Motivational Society. Accordingly, the likes of Zig Ziglar, Cavett Robert, Norman Vincent Peale and Larry Wilson became household regulars.

Empowered by her father’s sales techniques and ideas, as well as her own hunger, Dianna got into real estate – an industry where she could bet on herself – and sold 104 homes her first year. Today, her fast-track success rates compiled with more than 30 years of real estate experience give Dianna clarity on her mission: to build an army of leaders

(coaches) who understand the importance of learning and exemplifying great leadership. She’s also set on transforming lives and businesses by helping people maximize their potential…in her spare time.

Dianna has been named Denver Businesswoman of the Year and Denver Entrepreneur of the Year numerous times, and received the Stevie Award for Best Sales Coaching Program – not to mention an appointment to the President of the United States’ Business Advisory Council. She’s also authored nearly 20 books and is a sought-after speaker. Her team was most recently awarded the Prism Coaching Award and No. 1 Real Estate Training Company, and No. 2 Training Company across the globe by Trainingmagazine.

When Dianna’s not leading her army, she’s probably getting excited about life – it’s supposed to be fun! She is frequently found taking advantage of the outdoors with family, researching history or studying leadership. Dianna thrives in Austin, Texas.

Fun Facts

  • Owns 19 bookshelves and 10 cupboards to house her collection of business reads – most of them signed.
  • Defines real estate as life, achievement, happiness.
  • Wants to know how to master energy.

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