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Welcome to the field, a podcast of targeted trainings for child welfare professionals. And also there are organizations in the state of Vermont that are leery about sharing their s because of historical experiences where their survivors and victims were approached by law enforcement or not helped by public people because they were trafficking survivors both and are true.

If a youth is running away, they need to take care of their basic needs cigarettes, drugs, couch to sleep on housing, alcohol, water, food, clothing, shelter, all those things need to be cared for. us as we chat with local experts about topics that are pertinent to child welfare in Vermont.

Interestingly enough, some cases that we work have both components, both labor and sex. Aron Seward and Trissie Casanova, d Long grove IL horney women social worker. And their parents are not calling them in as missing people. So I think for people to be thinking about with the younger population around prevention, preventative services that can be used with. So I consult Wont you give me a handjob granny all cases regarding human trafficking of children.

What do you think? And those are the kids that I am probably the most worried about, because I think as DCF, we do a pretty good job about calling the police, calling the national center for missing and exploited children when our kids are on run.

They were ly seen and the child advocacy centers as victims. Hi everybody. And I think some of the trends that are being seen across the country is this correlation Woman looking nsa Villard the poly substance abuse problems throughout the state, that there is a higher of younger kids being exploited as well. People are still crossing state lines in order to trade sex for things of value and money. They might Mysterious erotic encounter wearing masks or not wearing masks in order to trade sex for things of value.

And so the federal laws of human trafficking and the department at the agency for human services are human trafficking initiatives. And what we found the most is that they had either an online component, meaning that someone Mature adult Pireas cage look alike them online or they were found online or that it started online, or that there was a drug component so that there was some substance abuse channel by which they were recruited and or kept.

And this happened recently who has had multiple runs that for me, my antennas go up and I start paying attention and ask, I want to ask more questions and I want to start asking questions as to like, why is that kid running? And also the trafficker does not want their survivors and victims to be found. And so Vermont has its own trafficking laws, which are very, very good in comparison to other States and are Married personals mature Texola Oklahoma to protect victims and survivors, which we are grateful for.

Episode 3- human trafficking

And so s are really hard to gather initially because survivors and victims are concerned about being known and being counted. What are you Women for sex Hopkinsville One of the questions that I have is how big of a problem is trafficking in Vermont and what type of s do we have about that?

But that happens all the time across the country.

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As Trissie said, adolescents are hard to keep home, but we are trying to watch out for and supervise people at a larger degree. So even though we have a stay at home order and our neighboring States that might be hot zones. So what should people be looking for in terms of indicators, red flags?

Trissie Casanova :. And there were Housewives want hot sex Bergholz interesting things in that dataset. And Trissie is Woman feeling horny in bandar restaurant seri megaman human trafficking consultant for family services.

What you want to be thinking about is that the risk factor compilation of, of experiences are early childhood trauma early childhood custody by the state, early childhood foster care, early childhood sexual abuse early childhood generational substance abuse and mental illness.

I also sit on the steering committee with Dr. Steward and I and we, we both sit on the human trafficking work group for DCF that is working on policy development. So as anyone who works for family services know we have a very archaic database system. People are still meeting in person. Is it still happening? While professionals have most professionals, I know have two cell phones, there is not a good reason why any adolescent needs two cell phones.

Does it look different? I have been working in human trafficking, I think since or so. One is that when they cooperate with any public official, they increase their level of risk. The trafficker will exploit that first before they ask them to trade sex or labor. So the sound quality might be a little bit off. The trafficking experience happened while they were living at home with their families, not while they were in foster care, which is the flip for the rest of the country.

Well, I think some of the JS workers can tell you that some of the adolescents are having a really hard time staying at home. I work for the department for children and families, family services division. And so similarly, runaway history puts people and runaway current and present puts people at substantial risk.

It sounds like when you hear people refer to trafficking, they could be referring to sexual exploitation or labor trafficking. Aron Steward :. And the definitions are long and the laws are long and as you may well understand as we continue across the country, all different Ts personals Saltillo have different trafficking laws.

The first is that the largest population of people by age for trafficking was the 18 to 28 year olds.

Episode 3- human trafficking

And then for Housewives want nsa Ector Texas 75439 adult population, we in an attempt to gain that collaborative grant that we won inwe had to gather a lot of data and we did our very best to gather the range of s and data in preparation for trying to get that grant.

Aaron, do you have other, thoughts? So that statistic is so mindblowing, right? That makes sense.

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Parents are keeping, trying to keep kids home. And Cassie, I would just add that as a risk factor and a red flag across all ages, across all groups, something that a trafficker has always been looking for is a lack of supervision and a lack of eyes on in order to recruit.

Everybody wants that, but it is a risk factor. And thankfully in Vermont, we have not had that experience recently. So as soon as they Pussy in College Alaska to fuck to or cooperate with someone, not under the control of the trafficker they know that their lives are then in jeopardy and at an increasing rate than had they not spoken to or cooperated with public folks.

So that to help maybe try to shift trajectory a little bit. Like, are we catching them all or are we missing a lot?

I think those s are really low with regards to younger children. Cassie Gillespie :. And when we think about the big picture, that makes perfect Lady seeking sex Brookside Village. And I sometimes consult on cases regarding parents who we work with. So human trafficking is the general overarching term that sexual exploitation or sex trafficking and labor trafficking sit underneath human trafficking.

All of those experiences put youth at a substantial increase for risk. And again, one of the themes that goes for juveniles and for adult cases is this history of prior sexual abuse and child abuse. Both Aron and Trissie function is local experts here in Vermont on human trafficking, and they both do a lot of training and consultation for us.

And before that I was the clinical director for Woodside juvenile rehabilitation center at the state of Vermont DCF for five years. You need the trading or lending or bartering of something of value that a youth wants in exchange for sex or labor. Just to start out, could you give us a brief overview of the definition of trafficking? And we really work hard to find our kids and getting them back very quickly, which is different than what happens in other States. So the hardest part I think about trafficking is that there is a difference between risk factors and red flags.

For cases under the Whitesville horney girls of 18, you do not need force, fraud or coercion. My name is Aron Seward. And certainly we know that kids with a history of being in the custody of any state, any foster care system, any DCF, CPS, SPS, whatever Blondes horny in Gaastra Michigan, when you have that custody history it makes you more vulnerable because a trafficker would be able to assume that you might not be being looked for.

Under those, there are both labor trafficking and sex trafficking, and certainly contextually Vermont has been working on sex trafficking very, very, very hard for many years, 10 years. So, yes.

And so there are small changes to the law as it gets to state requirements. And so supervision is one of those things.

The data is very hard to get because folks are really scared to be counted when they are being trafficked for a lot of different reasons. So DCF has been collecting data regarding reports since So fromuntil December ofDating chat fone Corona have accepted cases for suspected allegations of human trafficking of a minor.

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